Digital transformation as
core of our solutions.

The Certronic platform has been designed with a granular micro service architecture providing the user, under flexibility and scalability parameters, the possibility of quickly adapting to the current and future technologies.

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Company Index

You may design and implement an own assessment index and rate suppliers through it.

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Apply and monitor compliance programs. There are several analysis parameters and forms available.

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Design and apply training programs, assign evaluations, analyze and compare results from the contractors´ universe.

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Obtain the answers you need. Find several elements to design and launch surveys among the different Certronic users. Analytic with outcome graphics is available.

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Certronic Goals

Monitor each contracting company performance on the basis of pre-defined goals. Outline action plans and conduct their follow-up.

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Certronic Risk

The risk due diligence will become a natural part of the Control Process. You can validate the processed information with external sources and perform a coincidence analysis.

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Manage each of the judicial or administrative claims received during the control process, in only one place. Make labor contingency calculations.

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Digital Signature

Each of the accepted documents shall be digitally signed by its issuer, providing an additional security layer and guarantee of authenticity.

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We raise security levels strengthening authentication and reducing fraud in on-boarding processes.

Certronic comprises 10 supplementary modules. Each of them provides features and different functions, enabling the user to create his own version based on the corporate needs, from a simple system to a complex one.

You can start by applying the contractor´s control and move at your desired speed with the activation of the rest of the available modules.

There is no doubt that, depending on the company size and goals, the needs as well as the software depth and extension will be different.

We provide a flexible and extensible architecture so that contracting companies may think of a longer-term and boundless outlook when planning its external structure management.

Adapt our platform according to the current and future needs of your company. Turn Certronic into a global solution and your information source in order to take the best decisions.

“The implementation of Certronic, was strategic in our digital transformation process, has allowed us to integrate and improve the communication of all areas related to the contractor control process.
The possibility of incorporating Certronic tools and solutions that were developed to measure and according to our needs, the company has allowed us to convert the platform into its own edition.”
Fernando Sosa
Jefe de Recursos Humanos