Software and solutions
for contractor assessment
and control

Start your digital transformation process and obtain a fast value achievement with our different cloud-based solutions.


Implement in an easy, simple and scalable way the analysis and control of contracting companies, all in only one place.

· SaaS Tool.
· No investment.
· 100% Configurable.
· ERP Management Software Integration.
· Access control system Synchronization.
· Multiple Sites and Users´ Profiles.
· Help Desk

As a service company SaaS offers a configurable interface, a safe and efficient user´s experience, having as a result a 360° vision and analysis of the contracting companies and suppliers´ payroll, rated through its levels of risk and compliance. They altogether contribute to achieve an agile ROI.

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Multiple Functions in only one platform

All strategic information, the best security, reports, data analysis, user´s experience, and more, are combined into a single platform. Digitally renovate your control management, analysis and assessment of contracting companies with the innovative and powerful Certronic functions.

Certronic Solutions

Turn Certronic into a unique edition 100% adaptable to your needs..

Certronic consists of several supplementary modules. Each of them provides different features and functions to the platform. This allows the user to develop a system based on business needs.

Security you can rely on

In Certronic we are devoted to provide safe, focused and native cloud-based content services to organizations around the country. We integrate security and resilience in our products as well as in our company structure.

Our Clients

Some of the companies that rely on Certronic

Empresa que confía en Certronic
Empresa que confía en Certronic
Empresa que confía en Certronic
Empresa que confía en Certronic
Empresa que confía en Certronic
Empresa que confía en Certronic

Certronic is addressed to companies, whatever their size may be, with the purpose of digitalizing and optimizing their contractor management. The field of study and the exclusive approach of Certronic will help you to promote and make suppliers assessment and control project a success.

Under the flexibility and scalability parameters we shape services, adapt technology and carry out particular required developments so that the platform may naturally be incorporated to our users´ processes. In this way users will appreciate Certronic as a tailor-made own product.

Your organization will benefit from our know-how, technology and market intelligence. We are permanently launching updates and new functions arising from our users´ needs and requirements..

“With Certronic, we have been able to homogenize our control processes, achieving a complete vision of the role that each contractor company occupies within the organization, its level of commitment, compliance and risk, allowing this information to make the best strategic decisions”
Hernan Gonzalez
Labour Relations, Personnel & Payroll
and Security Manager.